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Looking good boys.
What the cow said... 
Love your work Chris. #Meg4jerky
Meg complained about our last post, but luckily Facebook keeps banning any photos where we can see her face. We quite like this...
The Gentlemen Who Jerky have received a letter form a reader. “Stewie G. of Quahog” says that his friend just ate 200 sticks of...
Check out who has joined us! Re-post from Brian: Jack Link's check out my new magazine. #Brain4Jerky
You, me & this jerky. So many possibilities. 
Just look at the jerky, peasants. Don't concern yourselves with my harmless thermonuclear device.
JUMBO SIZE ALERT... ORIGINAL and limited edition CHILLI LIME 255g packs are now at Costco! Find out more on this awesome new...
Repost from Peter Griffin: You know what? This promotional malarky feels a lot like work. Seeya suckers, thanks for the jerky....
Things may have not gone to plan over the weekend for our boys but at least they had some bloody good looking cars to make...
You're welcome for the inspiration. #feedyourwildside
Re-post from Peter Griffin: Jerky diet going well. Eating meat till I see my meat. #squadgoals #youknowyouwantit Looking good,...
Love the Aussie summer. #nevertohotforjerky
Repost from Peter Griffin: Pumping it out so I can fit more in. #freejerky#efficient #cutoutthemiddleman #smellmymeat Not quite...
The beginning of a beautiful friendship. Peter Griffin. Best. Jerky. Spokesman. Ever.
Can we get an amen! #feedyourwildside
Welcome to the Jack Link's family Peter Griffin!!!